Can I Shovel Clay Pavers? 5

Can I Shovel Clay Pavers?

I’m often asked how pavers hold up in a harsh winter climate like we have in Minnesota.  The answer is they work great.  First, most pavers have a beveled edge so they won’t catch a shovel edge.  Second, pavers hold heat from sunlight very well, so on a sunny day, even if it’s cold, snow and ice melt off leaving a dry surface. Third, pavers are set on a ‘flexible base’ of sand and gravel.  They’ll flex when frost heaves underneath, and unlike a rigid material, pavers won’t crack.  As long as the base is of proper thickness and fully compacted they’ll stay nice and flat when the frost leaves the ground in the spring.  They really are a good long term choice for a sidewalk, patio, or driveway. Pavers do tend to cost more than concrete because of the amount of base preparation, but in the long run they hold up better than other materials. They are used extensively in Canada and Europe for these exact reasons. We installed this project for one of my neighbors in St. Paul. If it doesn’t hold up they know how to get a hold of me.

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