Good Use of Space 0

Good Use of Space


Every inch counts in small city lots.  This project is in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul. It’s common for us to place a patio between the house and detached garage, this way the space doubles as sidewalk.  To the left is a Pergola a nice shady spot to get out of the traffic flow.  The paver is called ‘Straussen’ by Borgert products, the color is MN River.

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  1. Jeff designed and completed this project on our house, and it has become our favorite “room” during the summer time. In a limited space, he built a large raised bed garden for herbs and vegetables, created a separate shaded and private seating area for our loveseat and two chairs, enough room for our patio dining set, and the cooking space for a grill.

    Our only complaint (not really) is that being on a corner, everyone stops to say how great it turned out!

    We had a great experience work with Jeff and love the space. Our best house project ever!

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