Laying Clay Pavers 0

Laying Clay Pavers


Laying clay pavers is a lot like their concrete counterpoints but there is a few key differences.  Clay pavers can vary in size by as much 1/4″ from brick to brick.  We snap more layout lines to keep the bond straight, and rather than laying in one large pyramid lay up to a line snapped as needed, usually every four feet or so.  Use a perpendicular line as a benchmark to stay straight in the other direction.  I also prefer to keep them a little loose rather than trying to bang them back to a line, many clay pavers don’t have spacer lugs so if they are too tight the pavers chip when tamped and you can’t get sand in the joints.  As with a concrete paver we always lay up hill. This paver is ‘Pawnee’ by Beldon brick. The pattern is a herringbone set at a 45degree angle (corner detail) to the house with a double soldier row. Click here to see the finished project.

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